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Terraco LLC is a Delaware company with main office in Washington DC, 2944 Upton Street NW Washington, DC 20008 U.S.A. and Branch office in Greece.


Main Activities

                                                                                                   Ship Supplying, Ship Chandling, Concession Management, Duty Free Shops Management.



                 ·   Sysco   ·   Norwegian Cruises Lines (NCL)  ·  Royal Caribbean Cruises Lines (RCCL)  ·  Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)  ·   Oceanic  ·   Celestyal Cruises


·     Executive Silver Partner of Cruises Lines International Association (CLIA)

             The world's largest #cruise industry trade association, providing a unified voice and leading authority of the global #cruise community.

·        Marine Hotel Association (M.H.A.) 

The most exclusive club of cruise line suppliers in North America.

·         International Ship Suppliers & Services (I.S.S.A.) 

The international association representing nearly 2,000 ship suppliers throughout the world.

·         Panhellenic Ship Suppliers & Exporters Association (P.S.S.E.A) 

Business Partners


·         Megas Yeeros www.megasyeeros.gr/en/yeeros.html

·         Esti Foods www.estifoods.com/new /

·         Bridor www.bridor.com 

·         FRPG www.frpg1.com

·         Origin Food Group www.originfoodgroup.com

·         Medov Logistics & Supplies www.medovlog.com


South America



·          Bodega Krontiras winery  www.krontiraswines.comwww.bodegaskrontiras.com




·         Vivartia Group www.vivartia.com  

·         Olympus Plaza Catering S.A, everest licensee www.everest.gr / Attica Group www.attica-group.com / Hellenic Seaways – Blue Star Ferries

·         Olympus Plaza S.A.  www.olympusplaza.gr / everest licensee BP – SHELL – EKO - AVIN

·         Megas Yeeros www.megasyeeros.gr/en/yeeros.html 

·         Mavrikos Imports S.A. www.mavrikosimports.gr

·         Savramis Frozen Sea Food  www.savramis.gr  

·         Loulis Food Ingredients S.A. (Loulis Mills) www.loulismills.gr/en

·         Sparta Gourmet www.spartagourmet.com  

·         Olympos  www.olympos.gr/en/

·         Agrifreda S.A. www.agrifreda.gr/en/

·         Olymp - Konstantopoulos S.A. www.konstolymp.gr/

·         12 Olympian Gods www.12olympiangods.com

·         Ifantis www.ifantis.gr/new/

·         Amvrosiadis S.A. www.ambrosiadis.gr/

·         Pindos S.A www.pindos-apsi.gr/en/

·         Makios Logistics www.makioslogistics.com


·         Oceanic www.oceanic-services.com


·         Mediterranea General Ship Supply s.r.l. http://www.mediterranea.com/forniture-navali/en/

·         Medov Logistics & Supplies www.medovlog.com

 * SPAIN  

·         Eis Maritimo Ship Supplier www.eismaritimo.es


·         Alexandrion Group, www.alexandriongroup.com


·          Castel Mimi winery, www.wineofmoldova.com/en/castel-mimi-winery/

TERRACO LLC as an executive partner of CLIA participated with its own booth and great success, 

at CLIA's annual European Summit and inaugural CLIA Innovation Expo 2024 in Genoa, Italy .



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